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Siying WU


After writing the background of the story, I started drawing pictures and making GIFs. The pictures and animations were comic style and  hand-drawn.

After all the footage was done, I started to edit the prototype video in Adobe Premiere.

Through editing, collage, color mixing, adding background music, sound effects and other techniques, I completed this prototype video and exported it in MP4 format.


This a website project based on the social problem of the large number of stray and abandoned animals. It is a functional website called "Scar Adoption Plan". The word "scar" stands for stray animals that have experienced physical or mental illnesses. They are stray or abandoned for various reasons, so they are more difficult to adopt than normally bred animals.


The purpose of this website is to attract the public who are interested in stray animals and people who want to keep pets to adopt stray animals instead of buying them. Through this website, I hope to help solve the social problem of stray animals, and to demonstrate to some extent the protection and care for animals.

This prototype video shows the entire process of using the site for a user who wants to adopt a cat, and shows a complete narrative line. The user can see the animation by clicking on a picture of the animal.

The video shows the cuteness of the animal in a light-hearted perspective, while showing the heavy topic of why some animals are abandoned. By showing the origin of these scars I hope to guide people to understand the responsibility they should have in keeping animals and the care and attention they should give to their pets as a pet owner.



prototype video

The cat chosen by this user is named Mimi and it has three scars. The sincerity of the adopter is tested through a question-and-answer format, and the cat's scars gradually disappear as the user accepts its scars. The user is qualified to adopt Mimi.

Scar Adoption Plan

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